The Complete SAAS Digital Marketing Solution

SEO for SAAS is very different than a lot of the other industries including local. You have to think strategically and be tactical in order to get the best results.

We have been doing SAAS SEO for a while and we specialize in not only getting traffic to your site but also make sure that the traffic that we send will convert.

SAAS is an entirely different beast when it comes to digital marketing. You do not get the talk of the local population like a new eatery does on a sunday morning after church service.


Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

  • Keywords can be very competitive

    It can be easy sometimes to rank for a local Korean restaurant in Dallas, TX. However, SAAS is national or international and you are competing against others who might be willing to outspend you in order to keep the top ranking keywords.

  • Most SAAS keywords don't have buying intent

    We have studied customers on over two thousand websites through our free heatmap service. We looked at funnels, time on the page and see if the prospect might come back. What we have found is that most of SAAS keywords do not show buying intent. We have used this information to optimize our practices and the results that our customers see speak for themselves.

  • Ranking for SAAS keywords Take a while

    Our customers begin to see results after 4-6 months at the earliest. SEO is about the long haul, not the short drive across town.

A few things that might help you

  • How do you beat your bigger competitors at SEO

    Go after the long-tail keywords that have less competition but much higher buying intent. If you had a CRM software, don't even try to compete for CRM. Try CRM for mechanics, this long keyword has less volume, less competition, but much higher buying intent.

  • Try and rank on Bing Search instead of going after just Google.

    Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and other use the Bing Search engine. Combined they control over 30% of the search engine market. Ranking on Bing first also makes it easier to rank on Google later on as blogs, forums, and news stories will link back to your website. This shows Google that your site is trustworthy and it helps your website rank.