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SAAS Pay Per Click

With pay-per-click advertising you be at the top of Bing and Google and while having to pay for the ads, the goal is to have high ROI on your investment.

How we do things

What we have found is that when people do adwords, they either see what sticks or try and get the most expensive keyword or close to it because they perceive that it has value in it. Our approach is a little different, in that we sometimes go after the main keywords, but we usually will get a longer keyword that has lower cost, less volume, but more buying intent. For the best possible effect use our SAAS SEO Services so that we can also bring down the cost even further for the ads.

  • Check for Leaks

    We will track your customers to see if there is buying intent, and if there is leaks in the flow. No one wants people to visit there website and never return.

  • Make them see your website again

    Lets face it, people still check social media when they are at work. Especially those that can make buying decisions since there is less fear in the repercussions that might follow. We use this to your advantage and show them additional information about your company to sway there decision in your favor.

  • ROI Check

    Some keywords do not have buying intent, or they are too expensive and should not be used. We will audit each keyword that is currently used and then see if we can design a tailor made landing page for that specific keyword.